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Two Spot Gobi at Komedia, Brighton, 30 November 2006

Downstairs at Komedia the venue quickly fills in anticipation. It's amazing how although so large it still becomes intimate, the tone set with it's low ceiling and compelling lighting, in this underground setting you feel as if you're in a hip hop scene in New York. It's pleasantly different, there are no long ques at the bar, there's a friendly atmosphere with banter and heckles resonating; it's set to be a good night.

"Two Spot" as the crowd chant, are a refreshing 6 piece Brighton band. They masterfully combine guitars, a cello, a trumpet, drums, bass and the best instrument of all, lead singer James Robinson' confident vocals.

They need make no excuses nor small talk, they roll on stage and crack on with a solid performance. They know both where they're from and where they're going. The trick they've mastered is how to sustain and deliver the substance they've in so little time conjured.

I'm naively surprised by the reaction in the crowd. I've always associated this sound with music that never leave's a lasting taste; how wrong can you get, I feel like the only person here who hasn't been an avid fan for the past year, and I probably am! I'm instantly attracted.

The atmosphere Two Spot Gobi have mustered is eccentric. I've never before witnessed at a gig such jiving as I'm seeing from this bunch tonight; at first I question "Are these shenanigans a result of anything more than student night alcohol?" I quickly learned!

Their music is upbeat and fearless, utilising a perfect combination of instruments strategically played at the most appropriate times. No instrument steals attention nor spoils, yet nothing plays unnoticed. They have a crisp and commercial sound. "Lets Get Lost" is fantastic, played to a rapturous reception. It starts reserved yet is intriguingly catchy, and soon picks up tempo launching into an addictive chorus supported by singing contributions from the crowd. The distinct low key cello supplies a dejected baseline tone to maintain suspense during vocal intervals, and the second time the chorus comes round it feels like I already know the song well. This is quality and mature music.

It's easy to be deterred with this genre by the way lots of tracks can so easily sound too similar and merge into a set of just 'Sound', but tonight there's clear definition, each tune comprising short, sharp and varied bursts, somehow managing to retain my interest throughout.

Lead singer James acknowledges and interacts with the frenzy he and his band are responsible for; bopping from corner to corner across the stage, equally dividing his attention amongst the crowd ensuring nobody goes hungry.

Tonight was one of those gigs where by tomorrow you'll feel gutted it's been and gone and it could be some time before you'll see them again. You'll listen to their music and it'll sound positively different having witnessed them perform live, and you'll crave for more; in my book, this constitutes an outstanding band.

Words: Justin Evans

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