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Brighton 2007.

Brighton 2007.
Photo: Carl Palmer (Hull, England)


superb lock
Sweet shot. I like the bumpy feel. Those that came out perfect look too commercialized for me and they were not that difficult to create, just use a Bogen Clamp to fasten your camera onto the passenger seat, window, then drive slowly. I did a commercial ad for BMW that way.

This look more artstic compair to those *perfect* one. =0)

i think the bumpy feel works in this kind of shot, looks really good

Good shot Carlos. I think Inky and Simon are right the bumpy adds that little bit of difference to the shot.

I'm gonna join the chorus of praise here. Its got better atmos with the bumps in it

Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

Carl, wow, thanx for the link. I am not worthy. the roads i take the photos on don't have much bumps. your shot caught my eye. i agree with others on that it has an artistic appeal.

Black wolf
I had a look at both shots and they are both great
cmp's is really dymanic and has a sense of movement
darin's makes me feel speed even just looking at it

and both of you have made me want to try it on my bike

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