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Favorite Portraits

Favorite Portraits
Photo: Mazda Hewitt (Zurich, Switzerland)


nice portrait

Quite intense. I like this. He definitely owns the space he occupies, if you know what I mean. Comfortable in his own skin.

Julie70 Joyoflife
very interesting, indeed
you take it bw or change it to it?
long time no see on the Afterclass!

maz hewitt
Hi Julie - I took this one on B&W film. I find that restricting myself to B&W bore the fact makes me think in B&W better, in fact I think I can see in B&W better than I can in colour.

As to the story here - I saw this man in the street in Honk Kong and stopped him, said I liked his look and asked him if he would mind me taking his photo.

I think it worked quite well.

Is it Acros, Maz?

maz hewitt
it is Acros in PMK

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