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Favorite Portraits

Favorite Portraits
Photo: Mazda Hewitt (Zurich, Switzerland)


tim barrass
Aw, great capture! You chose the focal point and depth well ... (but blurry front left though ;) shame lenses don't really work that way round! )

maz hewitt
maybe if you turn the lens round

tim barrass
it's worth a go

out of interest, what camera are you using? must be film if you've scanned them in..

maz hewitt
it's a Leica M6 with A Zeiss ZM 50mm f1.5 on it. This one was shot on Fuji Acros

tim barrass

I'm quite jealous. :) And I'm not normally a tech-geek.

ohhh, such sweetness...

Poezemarieke is back :-)
Sweet dreams, what else can be after Christmas :-)

Lynn Morag
Just wonderful!

Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

Lumberg the MIA Llama
Hard work indeed!

Al Fed
adorable moment!

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