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Favorite Portraits

Favorite Portraits
Photo: Mazda Hewitt (Zurich, Switzerland)


adjoining egg
This is a gorgeous shot, lovely colours, great happy feel and the child's big grin is absolutely infectious!

return from Pay It Forward

Absolutely adorable. Such a real shot. Very crisp and colorful too.


Pay It Forward

return from Pay It Forward

Jeff Clow
A wonderful portrait - you've captured their happiness superbly.

An excellent photo - my compliments.

Pay It Forward

Matthew Clark Photography & Design
Wonderful portrait, I love the expressions on their faces. I would like to see this cropped, the background is a little to distracting from the subject.

Pay It Forward

maz hewitt
Ha, Matt for a second I thought you were suggesting I crop to your note!


colleen prince
What a wonderful moment you've captured. Although the suggested crop would work I think the scattered toys in the background add to the image.

Pay It Forward

nostalgic amount
Don't crop it! Kids are untidy, it's part of the picture.


Great portrait! A very happy photo!

return from Pay It Forward

Rafael Le Masson
very nice!

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