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Favorite Portraits

Favorite Portraits
Photo: Mazda Hewitt (Zurich, Switzerland)


Oh I love this shot. What a glorious twinkle she has in her eye! (1-2-3)

Bill Norris

She looks torn between bemusement and ire. Her personality is captured really well and the processing is top notch (1-2-3)>

I love it.
The photograph is very well done, but most of all you catched a very good expression.


patrick austin
I can tell that that is one seriously spunky lady.

Oh, I just saw the tags. I hope it isn't too insensitive to say, but:
I bet she puts the fun in funeral.

maz hewitt
ha, actually you're right.

Beautiful portrait.

Monkey Magic
She's really got a twinkle in her eye!

Julie70 Joyoflife
also for my group "never too old" she looks so full of life!

sweet distin
She reminds me of my late Auntie Nora...lovely :)

Wonderful portrait - they all are, but this is my pick of the bunch. What an infectious smile.

I love pictures of old ladies who dress well.

i like how you incl. the family portrait to the left:) makes me miss my grams!

abrasive yard
Great portraiture! Looks like a nice, old lady. Love the grains too.

beautifull smile, and wonderfully captured.

#1 (from the Applaud me

GREAT portrait!!! I really like the tenderness in the eyes, and gentle smile.

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