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Photo credit: KF ??? ()

Well, it is Brighton... ;-)

Camp, but great image. Gotta love that Heliar-15.

oceanic space
Lovely wide angle shot.

Ah - now I wish I picked up that heliar at Aperture last week...

it's like a painting from st. petersburg :-)

ajar oil
Rich! I might have to get a Bessa yet.

KF ???
shame about the film... this kodak stuff is awful!

Your wide angle here is amazing. That is an epic sky. And yes- it does look a bit like a famous statue in St Petersburg as eastendimages says.

so kitsch, but loooovely shot.

Great effect!

Mark Corney
Absolutely love this shot, I remember it from the last time I rifled through your pics.

KF ???
thanks matey! shame about the scan line at the top though :-/ the neg was too curled even in the holder i guess... the film's a bit grainy as it was expired 400 so i guess it was only 200 by now. :( oh well.

Photo reference: 435556183

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