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Photo credit: Justin Evans (Brighton, England)

shaggy ground
No, I haven't. To be honest, I see that happen, i'm running to the hills!!

you mean you weren't taking part? Shame.

Justin Evans
hahaha, think I'd rather stay behind the camera for this one!

elite growth
why aren't those ladies topless?
That defeats the purpose.

Justin Evans
haha, no idea, there's just no fun in some people! : )

wow, so thats what naked is.......could have sworn it meant w/o clothes.

fanatical payment
haha, this looks like fun. now, where's my suncream..

In Seattle they are actually naked - nothing but paint, which is great fun.


Looks like they forgot about their under-CLOTHES !
"In Seattle they are actually naked - nothing but paint, "
- and some don't have much paint

Justin Evans
lol, there were thousands of naked people, they're just not in this photo!

This year's was funny:

2008 world naked bike ride photos

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