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Photo credit: KF ??? ()

Quite nice colours and composition there...

Beautiful shot, great composition, love the sky!
Seen on your photo stream.


An unusual angle on this oft-photographed pier... lovely composing and terrific light

SFD (professional loungist)
Like the composition. The busy-ness of the left hand side and the hinted at expanse and emptyness of the ocean on the other side.

Nice lighting as well.

I really like this...the lighting is terrific and really sets a great mood here....

The World Through My Eyes

Great effect. Looks almost drawn it so sharp, The sky is perfect and the composition outstanding.

Seen next to a fellow photo of The World Through My Eyes - Post 2 / Comment Any 1. (?)

Geoff Allen
I really like the composition here. Nicely done!

Seen in 1-2-3 (?)

very vibrant colours and composition.

Fantastic mood and composition. 3-2-1

Yes, something about the balance of lights just near sunset that gives the scene surreality. It does make you understand why the fair (carnival, pageant) is so often chosen as a metaphor for the transitory material world.

Photo reference: 415708632

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