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Photo credit: KF ??? (London, UK)

people going mad in the sunshine :O)

you swapped the wilds of the west coast for this!

Great light and forms in this one.

Och a nice foti !!!!

This shot isn't the stereotypical Brighton photo - you know, pebbles on the beach and shots of the piers.

Without seeing the tag and your title, it's clear this place is near the sea. The light is lovely, bringing out the textures, and look at all the different shapes.

This is a little slice of seaside life, albeit not the normal scene, capturing that sense of relaxation one finds at places beside the sea. I like it.

I know this seat well.... you've caught it at a great moment here.. I can hear the swish of the sea on the pebbles now

KF ???
soon after this i bought a wee cup of jellied eels. and no i didn't throw up, but i didn't like it either. purely from the fact i don't like oily fish :) (it tasted of mackrel)

axel hydre
What a great colourful, relaxed shot with loads of interesting texture and detail - really well spotted and captured.

The World Through My Eyes

This is the kind of picture I'm always looking for and never seem to find. Great find...and great photo.

AntonioArcos aka fotonstudio
great image!!

The World Through My Eyes

Miguel Herrera
Great compositon!!
Seen in 1-2-3 (?)

terminal orbit
great! (3-2-1)

nj dodge
That's what I thought it was in the thumbnail. Very cool. (123)

very interesting.

small fry
great composition, great colours and a humorous view of life. nice one!

Well done--interesting colors, interesting bench and composition.

Nice one.

Really eye-catching thumbnail on this one (surely the secret of Flickr hit rates!) - love the colours.

Agree with all the above. Lovely photo.

Beautifully composed image.

James Dyas Davidson
Love this. Colours, the people and the comp. Good job.

Great eye you have there.

Toni Ruckwood
Excellent composition. Well spotted!

abject chickens
hehe,cool!:) really great pic.

ajar oil
Do you have Martin Parr's book The Last Resort? I think you'd enjoy it.

obversely haveing a little sit down after there very exciting visit to the fishing museum

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