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Photo credit: Keith Lancaster (Haywards Heath, UK)

such a beautiful light with such devastation...

You are one of my favorite photographers on Flickr and I would be honoured if you join Flickr Favorite Photographers

Dean Forbes
this series is excellent! I suggest cropping a bit of the foreground water.

Digital Trav
Beautiful and interesting!

artic pj
excellent shot - moody atmosphere - well composed

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boring growth
great shot! nicely done. :)
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Extra Medium
Ya know what, I was going to guess that was Brighton... I was just there last weekend. Really nice low angle and sunset.

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Excellent and amazing this image.
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~ Seba ~

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Great colors. Intriguing as well. 4 aces.

Very nice atmosphere !

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Beautiful sunset.

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Fort Photo
Wow, fascinating to look at this. Love the sunset paired with the interesting objects. Faved.
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thoughtful desire
Beautiful capture and composition!

Alex Bamford
What a difference a year makes. It's even more devastated now. Lovely light.

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