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Photo credit: Mazda Hewitt (Zurich, Switzerland)

a kind of sparkle
Great composition and impressive sky..very nice capture!

Lovely composition and color.

Tex Flix
No doubt a tripod was used... at f22 or so? Really well composed.

maz hewitt
No tripod, but not handheld either. Luckily the bronica sits on flat surafes nicely, I think I put it on another of those concrete containers, at set it at something like 1s at f22

Mike Cohn
Wonderful composition!
Pay It Forward

Nice shot.

Really nice. The color is great!

Pay It Forward

Interesting perspective. Nice atmosphere.

Pay It Forward

Pierre Val AKA f4arm01
I really like the quiet atmosphere. I can almost feel that I am on the sea side.

Interesante composición, la soledad del paisaje, la luz baja el color azul dominante le da un aspecto especial. Enhorabuena,

Pay it forward.

I like thegeometric composition and the white dominant of the shot...
No conventional and interesting shot...

concerned mine
Nice light in this one.

Really a GREAT photo... Anyway MANY of your shots are wonderful!!!

Photo reference: 255858391

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