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Photo credit: KF ??? (London, UK)

Luis Eduardo
Nice shot
i dig it. and it's my favorite film!! nothin' like it, ey?

seemly knife
Very colourful, fits into the square format a treat - that Yashicamat takes a good picture too.

Excellent- a timeless image.

very nice, fresh colors

Nice! What kinda scanner do you use? The film holder in my epson crops the film so I don't get the edge.

KF ???
just a cheapo epson 4490 :) i cut the slide 120s into threes and place them between a heavy book for a day or so. they flatten out real nice. then i just place them flat on the scanner surface. upside- lovely borders, downside- newton rings!

Same cheapo scanner I've got :) I'll try that some day. What software do you use?

KF ???
again, cheapo epson's own! :) it's pretty reliable for slides i find but C41 is bit of a pain. and how come it can't handle xpro properly?? hmmmm currently scanning my xpro precisa in c41 mode and inversing the colours. get far more tone and less noise that way. but i *shouldn't* need to do that surely!

Ah. The reason I asked is that I thought epson's software needed those holes in the holder to identify the negative type.

It's weird, but when it comes to scanning I get a feeling I'm back in the 90s. What the hell is twain anyway? I'd like to edit my previous scans, not watch a progress bar. C41 is hit or miss. b/w is better if I scan in color and pick the green channel. The software doesn't store important preferences, even in the same scan session. I mean, come on Epson! You made a scanner, surely you know better than this!

I've tried Vuescan, but the advanced user interface made me curl up in the shower.

KF ???
nope i just tell the generic software the type myself :)

twain: i have no idea what it is! i usually start 3-4 shots scanning, once the first one is done i get down to editing it, and by the time i'm finished the 2nd one would be done and so on. works well :)

yeah C41 is a pain :(

i agree about vuescan :(

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