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Photo credit: Mazda Hewitt (Zurich, Switzerland)

Nice one, Maz. Bronica?

Its still there then! Wonderfully atmospheric capture. 14 mins exposure?, mega! what time did you take this then?

(the world thru my eyes)

Emily Barney
14 minute development, I think, since he mentions the temperature. But it looks like a long exposure too, with those clouds and the surf effect!

This is really gorgeous - I haven't tried acros in pyro pmk yet, but it's definitely happening on my next roll. :)


Love the effect! Nice shot!
The World Through My Eyes

wow this is really beautiful! i love the sepia effect.
I found this photo in 1-2-3

wonderful tones.

Levan Kakabadze
great! love the tone and shot!


Sebastian Niedlich (Grabthar)
Whoa, nice pic.


awesome capture !!! great job with this shot my friend !!!
Your KARMA Group

Christine Lebrasseur

This Masterpiece would deserve to appear in :

" Art Libre - Free Art - Arte Libre - Freie Kunst" (invite only) group .

tag with : "ArtLibre" and consider to join us :o)

"Start with a style and you are in chains, start with an idea and you are free."

[Richard Avedon] - American Editor and Photographer


Seen in the interestingness archives. (?)

Simply amazing!

I would call this a little gem ;-)

Wish those chemicals aren't so 80's... could not justify myself polluting the world any more. And hey, making digital devices isn't adding any pollution :-(

Go figure.

H@shim A
the transparency must be stunning...

-Voted "saveme" (by the Delete me! Group)

I really like what the exposure did to the sky.

I really don't like what the length of exposure did to the water.

Overall, it's a very nice shot, but for me, falls short of a save.

-Voted "deleteme" (by the Delete me! Group)

I don't like much the sepia option, and I'm sure that you'd be able to get rich colors specialy since you're using a medium format camera (judging by the square format)

-voted as "deleteme2" (from the Delete me! group)

Shek Graham
Why sepia?

-voted as "deleteme3" (from Deleteme! group)

maz hewitt
I used a staining developer on these negatives called PMK pyro, it turns the negatives a sort of browny-green and this is the result if I do a colour scan.

Valerio Mezzasalma
good idea...but i would prefer b/w...and the clouds moving cause a little sense of confusion!!!

voted as "deleteme4" (from Deleteme! group)

Mikael Fennhagen
This is just awesome! Such great shot!

super cool!

Asad K
tell you the truth i cant find any reason to delete this other than i dont like it enough...


Christine Lebrasseur
Pour moi c'est purement et simplement une Masterpiece, cf invite above.

-voted as "saveme 2" (from Deleteme! group)

Seen in DeleteMe! Licking your mass gives 50% less slime (?)

far-flung clam
the tone.. hmpfff

-voted as "deleteme6" (from the Delete me! group)

this is really boring, at least from my point of view.

-Voted "deleteme7" (by the Delete me! Group)

-voted as "saveme" (from Deleteme! group)Great contrast, movment, tonning and composition

Plain b&w would have suited this better, I think.

-Voted "deleteme8" (by the Delete me! Group)

teh resa
I don't like the whole mood of it or the velvety effect


Not as boring as walking Meh's, NB4B.

Every walking meh is better that this brushed sky.

Nice long exposure photo, so long exposure it's look's like a extra sharp pinhole photo, I like the framing, never crop use a longer lense instead. Wonderful, subject the old pier must put it on my wish list.

Bianco e Nero tradizionale l'immagine latente

Congratulations! This image is currently (or was recently) one of
Flickr's Top 10 most interesting photos for 26 Sep 2006. (It is/was on
page one of the calendar view.) Would you please add it to the Top 10
Interestingness pool? It would be a great addition!

iNancy iMages
Maz: I like the more toned one better than the less toned one in order to bring out the intent. Congrats on the Top 10!

Seen in a discussion of C.A.F.E.. (?)

Rod Monkey
Gorgeous - love the tones & the composition

Garry Corbett
I love this. It does not need cropping, the dark base is perfect for a light toned print...

Giuseppe Scognamiglio Fotografia
Compliments for your photo ist beautiful and tecnical perfect
You have rispect rules of third.

Questo scatto e' perfetta nella tecnica e ha rispettato la regola dei terzi.

The crop cuts out the heart of the image. I love the full frame version.

Beautiful if sad to see it in such a condition.
Sepia suites my mood as I look at it. Are they going to find the millions...?

Seen in your Brighton set. (?)

maz hewitt
Thanks Algo

Mahipal Vala
wow... nice shot.. amazing color

::the goods::
another great shot.

I've seen some great images of the ruins of the West Pier but this is by far my favorite. You've captured it so beautifully!

wow . ... wonderful. really ver nice shot

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Stunning photo!!!!
Seen in 3Way challenge

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I invite you to add this great picture (Best 100 pictures).

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Wonderfull shot! Great mood!

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Victoria JK Lamburn
Now that is captured to perfection.


Jon Rook
Amazing photo, stunning and capturing, expecially like the sepia effect.

great composition and tones!

Another good one x


This leaves me speechless
so stunning

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